Multipurpose Facility

SMPL’s strength is Friedel Crafts chemistry.


Plant has the capacity to execute a wide range of processes and operations such as Amidation, Esterification, Claisen condensation, Demethylation, Cyclization, Reduction, Oxidation, Alkoxylation, Mannich reaction, Hydrolysis, Fries rearrangement, Racemization.

SMPL has the capacity to manufacture specialty chemicals from few kilograms to few hundred metric tons per month.

SMPL has the capacity to store 3500 pallets in the warehouse and 2000 KL in tanks.

SMPL has a Pilot plant for smooth technology transfer from R & D to commercial level.


Reactors SS 316 250L TO 5000L 31
Reactors Glass Lined 500L TO 6300L 32
Distillation Units SS 316 500L TO 12000L 19
Vessels PPFRP 2000L TO 30000L 57
Centrifuge, Sparkler & Nutsch filters SS 316 200KGS TO 450KGS 21
Dryers (FBD, RCVD & TD) SS 316 60KGS TO 500KGS 11
Blender SS 316 500KGS TO 10000KGS 5
Autoclave SS 316 AT 60KG/CM2 Pressure 3
Sifters SS 316 50KG/HR 5
Flakers SS 316 6TON/Day 3
Vacuum Systems SS 316 1TORR 22
Storage Tanks MS/SS/PPFRP 1000L TO 100000L 99
Steam Boiler MS 5 TPH AND 8 TPH 2
Thermic Fluid Boiler MS 0.4-1 Million KCAL 3
Brine & Chilling Plant MS From -20 °C TO + 5 °C 5
Cooling Towers PPFRP 4000 TR 10
Nitrogen Plant 8 M3/HR 1
Warehouse 3500 Pallets